Based out of Los Angeles and always ready for travel, I am a visual storyteller using photos and videos as my medium. 

Photography has been a part of my life since the day I was born, even if I didn't know it yet. Growing up in my family, the camera in hand was a familiar sight. With my grandfather being a professional photographer and my mom chasing me around with her Canon, none of my "big moments" were missed. It wasn't till I caught my own reflection in the mirror, holding the camera just the way my mom did, that I saw it all come full circle. 

Each day I work towards evolving and growing as a photographer and creative. My inspiration comes from the most unsuspecting places, and I work towards producing images that seem as though they have a secret they are dying to share. 

I started my career in advertising, both managing accounts and producing content for clients such as Kaiser Permanente, Disney Interactive, and Mastercard. I have since then expanded my repertoire to include brand management as well as content creation.  I recently partnered with Circus Runaway who is not only a friend, but also an incredible photographer. We are currently in the works of expanding our photography partnership to include our expertise on content creation and brand management for social channels so stay tuned for the excitement! 

Thanks for stopping by and reading a bit about me. Lets connect, I'd love to hear your story.